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Which yoga class is right for me?

Updated: Jun 3

Want to try one of our yoga classes, but aren't sure what to expect? It's intimidating, walking into a class where you aren't sure what the teacher is going to instruct you to do! Don't worry, we created a detailed guide on all of our classes, so that you can feel confident during your practice.

We have 3 different classes. Monday and Wednesday nights at 6pm and Thursday morning at 9am. Each class is a little different. You're welcome to try one or all of them!

Monday Night: Gentle Yoga

Start off your week with a relaxing, gentle yoga class. This class is beginner friendly and designed to help you release stress. We incorporate lots of gentle stretches and folds in this practice. We begin class with a different breathing technique to slow down and tune in. Then, we move into a gentle stretching sequence to release tension and stress stored in our bodies. We end class with a relaxing guided meditation.

Wednesday Night: Yoga Flow

Wednesday's class is a good "middle ground" yoga class. We will practice a wide variety of yoga poses. Warming up the body with gentle stretches, moving into a beautiful flow, and ending class with relaxing poses to cool down the body. Every class begins with breathwork techniques and ends with a guided meditation. This class is beginner friendly, as we provide modifications to any pose that may seem difficult.

Thursday Morning: Morning Flow

Start your day off with our morning flow. In this class, we incorporate movement to energize our bodies for the day. We end the class with a few relaxing poses and a guided meditation. This class is beginner friendly, as we offer modifications to any pose that may be too challenging or uncomfortable.

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